Mystery Sci-Fi Game Truberbrook Set to Release September 3rd with Pre-orders Available on iOS and Andrdoid Devices. –

Truberbrook will release for iOS and Android devices for September 3rd with pre-orders already available. The game was originally released in March 2019 for the PC and a month later for the Nintendo Switch for $29.99; however, the game’s premium release is set for $4.99 for mobile devices stated on the App Store and Google Play. From the trailer, it appears to have a lot of interesting features for a single-player, point and click adventure puzzle game.

This sci-fi mystery story is set in the late 1960s at a remote village in Cold War Germany, Truberbrook. As a tourist, young American scientist Hans Tannhauser wins a trip to Truberbrook and decides to visit “the resort.” He later realizes the village is somewhat off, which leads to a series of events that later require him to save the world. He will need to solve puzzles with his teammate paleoanthropologist Gretchen and, ultimately, unravel the mysteries surrounding the village of Truberbrook through a point and click gameplay.

In combination with the story, the design and style of the game is another unique part of the game. Unlike a traditional 2D animation, the “whole scenery and all backdrops will be built as real miniature scale models, captured with a 3D scanner, digitally polished and then blended with animated characters, visual effects and set extensions” — stated on the Truberbrook website. The developers also mention the game was inspired by the 1990 Mystery series “Twin Peaks” and the 1993 Sci-Fi series “X-Files.” Hence, the birth of a mystery, science fiction game. 

There are, however, some mixed feelings surrounding the game since its release last year. Reviews from website Metacritic mention, “there are problems with controls and movement” and “some occasionally sluggish gameplay,” while Steam players mention Truberbrook to be “accessible and streamlined mechanics are simple yet effective, offering an experience that anyone can jump into.” Of course, each player has a different opinion and will need to play the game to learn more about it.

The game is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch today as well as the App Store and Google Play for pre-orders. If interested in learning more beforehand, check out game developer Headup Game’s official website or Twitter page for more updates for the upcoming mobile release on September 3rd.