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Lovecraft Country

We’re discussing everything about the Lovecraft Country novel and why horror fans will love it.

One of the highest honors for any novel or series of books is for it to be adapted on screen. And these days, a small-screen adaptation is just as exciting as a big-screen one. That’s why on the Lovecraft Country Chronicles podcast this week, we absolutely had to dive into the novel and discuss it.

Joining your hosts this week is FanSided’s Ian Levy, who read the book before we even thought of doing this podcast. And with his input, we discussed what the Lovecraft Country novel is all about. Is the novel scary? Which character is the MVP? And, of course, are these all going to be spoilers for the Lovecraft Country series? (Hint: Yes and yes!)

Listen to the discussion down below in the player of your choice to hear what we have to say about the book. And if you’re just itching for more Lovecraft spoilers, give Ian Levy’s complete, spoiler-filled synopsis of the book a read as well!

Lovecraft Country book review (some spoilers!)

Let’s review the Lovecraft Country novel by Matt Ruff! FanSided’s Ian Levy joins Mia and Natalie in the discussion today as they break down all the themes, best moments and incredible characters in the book. (We’ll even dig into some spoilers at the end!) Plus, Mia shares her review for the HBO series.

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